Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Firstly, let me just clarify that BRAIN DAMAGE isn't complicated. Neither is it hard to follow or filled with wild twists and turns. You don't need to think or strain yourself to follow or enjoy BRAIN DAMAGE. It's pretty straight forward.

Secondly. I never said I was good at writing synopses.


BRAIN DAMAGE follows the efforts of four women trying to survive against impossible odds. In the world of BRAIN DAMAGE, there has been an outbreak of disease, which seemingly renders victims into cannibalistic savages who have the single primal need to feed. The exact origins of the virus or the outbreak go left unexplained, they merely exist as a fact in the universe of BRAIN DAMAGE. As such, the story of BRAIN DAMAGE is made clear from the beginning and the goal of the protagonists is easy for the viewer to grasp. They simply wish to survive and their shared interest in survival explains why they are grouped together against such an overwhelming force.

BRAIN DAMAGE takes place at an abandoned airport at dusk. Eventually, the four reach the rooftop, where they prepare to make their last stand. It is here that most of the films action takes place. The structure of the film is like a teaser/trailer or an excerpt from a movie. Less random sequences and more linear action sequences that follow on from one another. The location never changes. Each of the four characters will have be given an introduction and a section of the animation that focuses purely on them. After an action sequence involving them, the film will pause on a still image of the character and their name, and a small profile of them will appear on screen before the action resumes once again.

Like many trailers, BRAIN DAMAGE will end on a cliff hanger. Through the course of the film, the group will begin to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of Zombies, and they will gradually be pushed towards a corner of the roof until they are at the edge and surrounded by the Zombies. The dire situation is made worse by the fact that they are so high up, so they either jump/fall to their death or get eaten. At the last moment, a helicopter swoops up (out of nowhere) and then we cut to black. The exact fate of the group goes left unsaid.



~ Lauren.

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