Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Jael's had a couple of career changes. Well, not really, first she didn't really have a 'career,' then I decided to make her a soldier personaaaage, because I wanted someone who could actually use a gun, and being the solider she kind of takes up the spot of the leader since the others would naturally look to her for the answers. Especially when it comes to where they're going or what they should be doing. As a soldier, it's not much of a stretch for viewers to assume that she arranged an evacuation rendezvous or something, and that's what I'll say when asked 'but where did the helicopter come from?'

Again, I couldn't be bothered arranging things nicely.


Just a note. I tried to rearrange these but it didn't take me long to figure out that blogger is best at doing the opposite of what I'm trying to do, so I stopped trying.

Here be Nova, she's the youngest of the four and the shortest. But that doesn't matter because she's got a chainsaw. Maybe a little below Frankie in terms of mentalness, she just gets a bit carried away with her chainsaw and the impending doom she's faced with does little to help when it comes to keeping your cool.

EH. I'll blab more in my production bible, but for now her basics were always; blonde/midget/androgynous-ish/eyes/nose/mouth/pull it together/somethingsomething/done.


Next is Seven, she's had a lot of changes through the.......eh...years. In fact, there was probably a version that had two arms. At some point. Then I decided to mangle her in an accident, chop one off and have her use her prosthetic arm as a back scratcher and eye poker. Amongst other things.

Seven is a bit of a mixed bag of tricks, she starts BRAIN DAMAGE an hour before everyone else. Well, not literally, but she is the last to actually act. She LOOKS like she's just tagging along and getting by on the efforts of the others. But really, as things develop, Seven becomes the final barrier between the group and the zombies. Until, of course, the twisty twist at the end.

Seven is a lot slower than the others, she only ever moves at her own pace even when there's a sense of urgency. She's not lazy, just partial to taking her time so when the action cuts to her, things move at a much slower pace, breaking up the quick cut madness of the others.

Design musts for Seven included...roman numeral tattoo-age on her back, just because I went through a phase of drawing back views of characters and I figured giving her a prosthetic arm just wasn't interesting enough. And because I like roman numerals. A prosthetic arm that's interchangeable with GUNS AND STUFF. Annnd some legs and eyes and other stuff required for making something identifiable as a human.


Francesca (because all psycho femmes should have super girly names) Frankie Surname. Prisoner number; 170790. Are there more numbers in a prisoner ID? I don't know. I've never been to prison. There's still time for that, but for now, I'll leave it at my date of birth. Yeah, that's right. I put in a homage to myself.

She's a bit crazy. Which is made clear from her general look and the fact that she's in an orange jumpsuit and handcuffed. Rather than boast about the finer details of the villainy that landed her behind bars, Frankie doesn't mention it, adding to the mystery of it all. So you don't know if she's just a petty thief or a seasoned serial killer. In apocalyptic times, does it really matter?

Frankie begins BRAIN DAMAGE in a very vulnerable position, being all gimpy and handcuffed and such. Still, she quickly establishes herself as a headcase by scoring the first, onscreen melee kill. Design must haves for Frankie included curly mohawk hair, smokey/black eyes, prisoner get up annnnnd a crazy grin.

Now, some of these go back to my days as a lazy 6th year at the now none existant St. Saviours High Schoooool, but let's at least try and keep the laughing at a minimum, mmmkay?

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Well, I like seeing pencil lines in animations. I like things to look sketchy, which is why I don't bother cleaning up any of my own drawings beyond getting rid of the dirty background. I don't like computer lines either, and I'd really like BRAIN DAMAGE to have sketchy lines throughout. Even on the textures for the 3D backgrounds. For an example of just how I want the final line to look, see exhibit A.


Kill Bill Animation Sequence

And and and and, thanks to Mark and Kieran I've got The Backwater Gospel to look at too for part of BRAIN DAMAGE.

And hey, you know what's a shit game? WET. But isn't that Rubi Vision (rage mode) just spondoolie? And the art in the game is pretty nice too...like the monkey with the gun to the head. I guess the music isn't too bad either. The gameplay lets down all the pretty...AH WELL. It's still down as a 'the look,' inspiration.


The best part...


Yeah, that was sarcasm. Research is a necessary evil, and I'd be happy to get it out of the waaaay. Problem is, things keep popping up that I could add. Still, I've got a few sheets done. I didn't want to be Captain Obvious, but it looks like it'll be my only chance at being 'Captain,' anything so...


- All zombie movies ever.
- All zombie games ever.
- All zombie books ever.
- All zombie tv programmes ever.
- This beautiful world God created. A dark sense of humour.
- Sarcasm.
- Funny hairstyles.
- All grindhouse movies ever.
- Cheesy, intentionally bad films.
- Borderlands intro sequence.
- Music. / Standby for BRAIN DAMAGE playlist...since I had some difficulty putting music onto my research sheets...ha. Haha. Ha.
- Rabies.

AND ENOUGH OF THAT. Onto showing my hard work.




If three isn't enough, there's just no pleasing you. >=|


Firstly, let me just clarify that BRAIN DAMAGE isn't complicated. Neither is it hard to follow or filled with wild twists and turns. You don't need to think or strain yourself to follow or enjoy BRAIN DAMAGE. It's pretty straight forward.

Secondly. I never said I was good at writing synopses.


BRAIN DAMAGE follows the efforts of four women trying to survive against impossible odds. In the world of BRAIN DAMAGE, there has been an outbreak of disease, which seemingly renders victims into cannibalistic savages who have the single primal need to feed. The exact origins of the virus or the outbreak go left unexplained, they merely exist as a fact in the universe of BRAIN DAMAGE. As such, the story of BRAIN DAMAGE is made clear from the beginning and the goal of the protagonists is easy for the viewer to grasp. They simply wish to survive and their shared interest in survival explains why they are grouped together against such an overwhelming force.

BRAIN DAMAGE takes place at an abandoned airport at dusk. Eventually, the four reach the rooftop, where they prepare to make their last stand. It is here that most of the films action takes place. The structure of the film is like a teaser/trailer or an excerpt from a movie. Less random sequences and more linear action sequences that follow on from one another. The location never changes. Each of the four characters will have be given an introduction and a section of the animation that focuses purely on them. After an action sequence involving them, the film will pause on a still image of the character and their name, and a small profile of them will appear on screen before the action resumes once again.

Like many trailers, BRAIN DAMAGE will end on a cliff hanger. Through the course of the film, the group will begin to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of Zombies, and they will gradually be pushed towards a corner of the roof until they are at the edge and surrounded by the Zombies. The dire situation is made worse by the fact that they are so high up, so they either jump/fall to their death or get eaten. At the last moment, a helicopter swoops up (out of nowhere) and then we cut to black. The exact fate of the group goes left unsaid.



~ Lauren.

Square One.

Here be the blog for Brain Damage. SO. What is Brain Damage? Other than an unfortunate condition one might suffer from following considerable head trauma, well, BRAIN DAMAGE is either going to be the film that destroyed my soul, or the most amazing thing to ever stab your eyeballs. Obviously, I'm hoping for the latter. In my head, it looks pretty boss. On paper, it reads like a dream. On storyboad it...well. I'm getting there.

Here are a few things you can look forward to from BRAIN DAMAGE;

- Funbags.
- Chainsaws.
- Blood.
- Biting. (From both parties.)
- Zombies. (Probably should have taken precedence over 'funbags,' but let's be honest...)
- Fire breathing.
- Shadow fighting.
- Guns.
- Amputees.
- Possible eye gouging.
- Funnies.
- Some other amazing shit.


Anyway. This is just an introductory post, so I can make another one to...shamelessly bulk up the blog. Look forward to the SYNOPSIS...(even though Zombies + People = adequate explanation.)

~ Lauren.