Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Next is Seven, she's had a lot of changes through the.......eh...years. In fact, there was probably a version that had two arms. At some point. Then I decided to mangle her in an accident, chop one off and have her use her prosthetic arm as a back scratcher and eye poker. Amongst other things.

Seven is a bit of a mixed bag of tricks, she starts BRAIN DAMAGE an hour before everyone else. Well, not literally, but she is the last to actually act. She LOOKS like she's just tagging along and getting by on the efforts of the others. But really, as things develop, Seven becomes the final barrier between the group and the zombies. Until, of course, the twisty twist at the end.

Seven is a lot slower than the others, she only ever moves at her own pace even when there's a sense of urgency. She's not lazy, just partial to taking her time so when the action cuts to her, things move at a much slower pace, breaking up the quick cut madness of the others.

Design musts for Seven included...roman numeral tattoo-age on her back, just because I went through a phase of drawing back views of characters and I figured giving her a prosthetic arm just wasn't interesting enough. And because I like roman numerals. A prosthetic arm that's interchangeable with GUNS AND STUFF. Annnd some legs and eyes and other stuff required for making something identifiable as a human.


  1. Seven, the amount of Final Fantasy games she played before they started churning out the bollocks?

  2. Maybe...but I started with FFX...then went backwards. So in my eyes, 7 was SO UGLY >=|