Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Square One.

Here be the blog for Brain Damage. SO. What is Brain Damage? Other than an unfortunate condition one might suffer from following considerable head trauma, well, BRAIN DAMAGE is either going to be the film that destroyed my soul, or the most amazing thing to ever stab your eyeballs. Obviously, I'm hoping for the latter. In my head, it looks pretty boss. On paper, it reads like a dream. On storyboad it...well. I'm getting there.

Here are a few things you can look forward to from BRAIN DAMAGE;

- Funbags.
- Chainsaws.
- Blood.
- Biting. (From both parties.)
- Zombies. (Probably should have taken precedence over 'funbags,' but let's be honest...)
- Fire breathing.
- Shadow fighting.
- Guns.
- Amputees.
- Possible eye gouging.
- Funnies.
- Some other amazing shit.


Anyway. This is just an introductory post, so I can make another one to...shamelessly bulk up the blog. Look forward to the SYNOPSIS...(even though Zombies + People = adequate explanation.)

~ Lauren.

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