Monday, 28 November 2011

The Almighty BRAIN DAMAGE Playlist

This is really for the benefit of mah sound mahn, Russell Bennett who has been expecting a playlist for like six years now but my search of music is never ending D: Here's what I have so far.

1. Blue Stahli - Shotgun Senorita ;;
What? Swifty has a good ear for NOISES that can work with IMAGES. Ah like how it's a slowish build and then BAMBAMBAM.
2. Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Attack of the 60ft Lesbian Octopus
This has always been my number one BRAIN DAMAGE song. Its got an old school monster movie feel to it, like the blob or something. It's cheesy, it's strange, it's BRAIN DAMAGE.
3. The Dead Weather - 3 Birds
It's got a bit of...mystery to it? Like the...ding...ding bits...that sound like sneaking? Or something? And the weird noises that COULD totally be zombie screams etc. I think it builds niiiicely.
4. Nero - Fugue State
Because I'm totally not opposed to BRAIN DAMAGE having such dubsteppy beatz. I do like this, I think it has a wierd carnival kind of sound to it...but can totally imagine Frankie beating the shit out of a zombie to the rest of it.

5. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Rockers To Swallow (JAEL)
 The YYYs are babes and me love them longtime. Russell asked me whether I had certain songs in mind for each character, because I want each of them to have their own unique sound when they have their special intro part in the animation. This is Jael, because it gives you a second before it gets crazy and it's just cool like she is.

6. David Guetta - The Alphabeat
...The piano!? It's all nice and peaceful...and then...shit goes down. Kind of like BRAIN DAMAGE? It's got potential.

7. Blue Stahli - Premeditated
Tell me you can't hear how this could work with a zombie apocalypse.

8.  Brand New - Welcome To Bangkok
 Sheer brilliance, it's really that simple. Especially when it gets into it, sounds frantic and frenzied and like something bad is going DOWN. Perfect for BRAIN DAMAGE.
9. Blue Stahli - Accelerant
Well, after I found the first two...I started looking at more Blue Stahli and mang, some good BRAIN DAMAGEY stuff. This one has a Resident Evil sound to it, methinks.
10. Brand New - Be Gone
 Brand New are amazing, and this is just a weird song. I remember playing Red Dead Redemption to it and it made me feel super cool, even though I have no idea what they're saying. It's got a west sound to it, but I can still see BRAIN DAMAGE in it.

11. Chemical Brothers - Hanna OST 'container park.'
The whole OST is pretty boss, but ah like this one most. It's a bit creepy.

12. Chiodos - Those Who Slay Together Stay Together
 S'all in the lyrics, really. Just meant as a source of INSPIRATION, I don't want any singing in mah thiiiing.
13. Brian Lebarton - Desert Slaying (WET soundtrack)
 Good stuff for when times are slow in the zombie apocalypse.

14.  Knock Galley West - Undead West (WET soundtrack)
They even mention zombie killers of the wild wild west! Good shit for when things are getting frenzied.

15.  Skunk Anansie - Tear The Place Up
The anthem of BRAIN DAMAGE. 

16. Skunk Anansie - Charlie Big Potato
17.  These New Puritans - Three Thousand
 One wurd; foreboding.
18. Infected Mushroom - Heavyweight
It's long, longer than the animation...but it's a journey!
19. Marilyn Manson - Siezure of Power
 I couldn't resist...
20. Crystal Castles - Doe Deer (FRANKIE)
Diz gewd song. Deez bitches crazy. It's noisy, crazy, frantic and very, very Frankie and the only lyrics are, DEATHRAY x25million. Winner.

21. The Gorillaz - Left Hand Suzuki Method (SEVEN)
It's prancy, airy, a world of its own. Much like Seven appears to be throughout the animation.
22. Sleigh Bells - Straight A's (NOVA)
I've had Sleigh Bells for like...2 years now and this song has been my favourite since then. It'll be the song used at my funeral and I think it's very Nova. Nova is nearly as crazy as Frankie, but not quite, and I went for Straight A's as her song instead of Doe Deer, because Straight A's KIND OF eases you into the madness. Doe Deer just attacks you.
23. The Jezabels - Prisoner
 Sounds like...a funeral?
24. The Jezabels - Nobody Nowhere
 It's all weird sounding, and I like the bell at the beginning.
25. The Do - In My Box
Does not exist on youtube, apparently, but it's fuckin' good. You can download it at btjunkie...just search The Do A Mouthful or something similar. S'where i got it.
26. Delphic - Clarion Call
27. The Naked and The Famous - Frayed
Because, when it kicks in...MAH GAW.
28. Sarah Jaffe - Pretender
It's slow, but scary sounding.
29. Wolfmother - Colossal

ONGOING. Again, many of you can ignore this, it's here to help Russell get an idea of what kind of sounds ah would liiiiike.


So I drew a bunch of movement sheets a while ago and finally got round to colouring them in to give fecks a suggestion of the kind of colour palette Brain Damage will be flaunting. I'm thinking simple flat colours, and then I'll FIDDLE DIDDLE with settings in photoshop to make it look coo'. I'm also intending on putting a niiiice texture over the whole thing. I made a .gif using such texture to see how it'll pan out and ch'yeah, shit looks good.

Seven ;; The Red Power Ranger.                                     Jael ;; The Green Power Ranger.

Frankie ;; Was there an orange one?                             Nova ;; The bitch with the chainsaw.

So that's them. What a good looking bunch.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Mmm. Yeah. Nice ARC.

Mmmm yeah. Swish swish swish. I actually had fun doing this, but that might only be because it only took one attempt and that I've FINALLY figured out how exactly layouts work. ANYWAY. This is my final animation.

Fer sure. If you don't get it, look harder, stare longer, did you see the gorilla walk by? Replay.


This is the start of scene 13, which leads onto maybe the biggest action sequence of the film, including the shadow zombie fight (mostly done, I'll have you know) and then the fire spitting (completely not done, I'll have you know), once those FIVE MILLION BILLION KAJILLION PENCES are done it's all easy breezy from then on. easy breezy as 2D animation can possibly be so; not at all.

I do so enjoy up hill struggles.


~ obviously Lauren.

P.S. I just noticed I haven't put the animatic up and...well...just tough titties, it's 4GB and I have neither the patience nor the will nor the jiggery-pokery EXP to do anything about that.