Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The best part...


Yeah, that was sarcasm. Research is a necessary evil, and I'd be happy to get it out of the waaaay. Problem is, things keep popping up that I could add. Still, I've got a few sheets done. I didn't want to be Captain Obvious, but it looks like it'll be my only chance at being 'Captain,' anything so...


- All zombie movies ever.
- All zombie games ever.
- All zombie books ever.
- All zombie tv programmes ever.
- This beautiful world God created. A dark sense of humour.
- Sarcasm.
- Funny hairstyles.
- All grindhouse movies ever.
- Cheesy, intentionally bad films.
- Borderlands intro sequence.
- Music. / Standby for BRAIN DAMAGE playlist...since I had some difficulty putting music onto my research sheets...ha. Haha. Ha.
- Rabies.

AND ENOUGH OF THAT. Onto showing my hard work.




If three isn't enough, there's just no pleasing you. >=|

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