Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Well, I like seeing pencil lines in animations. I like things to look sketchy, which is why I don't bother cleaning up any of my own drawings beyond getting rid of the dirty background. I don't like computer lines either, and I'd really like BRAIN DAMAGE to have sketchy lines throughout. Even on the textures for the 3D backgrounds. For an example of just how I want the final line to look, see exhibit A.


Kill Bill Animation Sequence

And and and and, thanks to Mark and Kieran I've got The Backwater Gospel to look at too for part of BRAIN DAMAGE.

And hey, you know what's a shit game? WET. But isn't that Rubi Vision (rage mode) just spondoolie? And the art in the game is pretty nice too...like the monkey with the gun to the head. I guess the music isn't too bad either. The gameplay lets down all the pretty...AH WELL. It's still down as a 'the look,' inspiration.


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