Tuesday, 7 June 2011

You can animate in photoshop!? I didn't know that. Well I did, it was somewhere at the back of my mind, but I decided it was probably as complicated as cloning humans safely, so obviously, I dodged it repeatedly. I can animate stuff! But I won't do it the supposed easy way. I'll be drawing frames and scanning them in and checking them on Photoshop. I have a tablet, n'yesss, but I always prefer drawing on paper. Not even a computer can do the heavy black lines like I CAN >=D Really.

But that's me blabbering. I got a 15 field light box the other day, so once I've got that set up I'll start doing some roughs and get back to you. Hoping to get most, if not all, the key frames for the scenes done over the summer [I WISH]. Then I can recruit people to help! You'll help won't you? Yes? Yes you? You should, I'm calling my 'helpers,' the HORDE! You probably saw that a mile off, but that's cool, shows we think alike, means you should help me. Help.

For now, I'm just going to put up all my other stuff. Just to show it's there, as opposed to just keeping it to myself.

ANNNND three posters I threw together for d-con. Not like anyone GAVE A SHIT..."there appears to be no recognizable anime types at this table, let us move on quickly whilst avoiding all eye contact with the artist." Not that I'm bitter or anything...8D

Yeah, I didn't do one for Nova, didn't have the time. But I had a cheesy tag line in mind. She was going to be standing on the edge of the roof, with her chainsaw in the air and drawn from a low angle to make it look like you're looking up at her and it said; Stairway to CHAINSAW.

I could write poetry.


  1. If you had made a character who was half human, half man fox, you'd be rolling in it at dcon. Maybe next year

  2. Yeah, something they could relate to. HAHAHAHA. Burn >=|