Friday, 3 June 2011


KEH. So since Imma have to reprint some pages of my bible in prep for the SUPERALMIGHTYRAPTUREBIBLE, I decided to put up those that suffered due to my need to squash lots of stuff onto one A4 page. Those without hawk like vision such as myself (seven years of glasses YEAH >=D) probably won't be able to read my tidbits in the bible, but you can read them pretty clearly from the original .png files. Not that you need to read any of it but I found it amusing. I often amuse myself though, so that's nothing new. ALSO ALSO. Thar be colourful language beyond. Thought it would be fine since it's a film about zombies and I'd consider that a special occassion, one in which every second word probably would be 'fuck,' or 'shit.' As in 'fuck the fucking fuckshit zombs are here!' It's big and very clever. Not really, but it IS human nature so just deeeeeeal.

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  1. Delicious
    Let us know if you need a spare pencil hand