Monday, 7 November 2011

Mmm. Yeah. Nice ARC.

Mmmm yeah. Swish swish swish. I actually had fun doing this, but that might only be because it only took one attempt and that I've FINALLY figured out how exactly layouts work. ANYWAY. This is my final animation.

Fer sure. If you don't get it, look harder, stare longer, did you see the gorilla walk by? Replay.


This is the start of scene 13, which leads onto maybe the biggest action sequence of the film, including the shadow zombie fight (mostly done, I'll have you know) and then the fire spitting (completely not done, I'll have you know), once those FIVE MILLION BILLION KAJILLION PENCES are done it's all easy breezy from then on. easy breezy as 2D animation can possibly be so; not at all.

I do so enjoy up hill struggles.


~ obviously Lauren.

P.S. I just noticed I haven't put the animatic up and...well...just tough titties, it's 4GB and I have neither the patience nor the will nor the jiggery-pokery EXP to do anything about that.

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