Wednesday, 25 May 2011


This has me excited, because I'm sick like that. Adding it to the 'research,' pile, fo'sho.

It's a bit more serious than how I want BRAIN DAMAGE to be, but good shiet all the same.


  1. Love that trailer! Remember it getting passed around the classroom, it totally gave me shivers when I saw it. As a fellow zombie connoisseur have you seen this trailer?

    Zombies in Berlin. Could be a fun watch. Out next month :D

    Hope you're getting on well! x L

  2. That was dramatic. For zombies.

  3. Ah! I hadn't seen that, luckily, some pirate was kind enough to post it up on btjunkie already. I'll probably give it a watch tonight at some point, seems pretty short but looks good from what I've sampled already. I will report back! 8D

    Yeah Pam, it's almost as if they're trying to make people cry...not me though. Nah, I was just happy that the term 'ankle biters,' suddenly became appropriate. Little shit >=|