Thursday, 22 December 2011


Just. Because. 
WELL ACTUALLY, it's not really wrong PERCY. (i know how to spell per se, percy.) The order of events are the same...shit isn't crazy or missing or jumbled. I just forgot to give Jael her spotlight of 10 seconds. She's the unloved middle child everyone forgets about. HAHAHAHA. These things happen when you spend three days stumbling around after effects and getting nowhere. So really, it should be 2:14...thats what the real one is. THIS ONE also happens to be the one Mr. Soundman decided to work on and is super small sized which is just THUPER. 

Yah. The screen will be cut up with moving panels at tiiiimes, exactly as is shown in this here visual aid. I was also thinking about having it open as a still of lots of comic book panels and then zoom in on the establishing shot of the airport, just to tie the whole 'comic book stylee,' into the whole thing a bit more. I've been thinking about stuff. Imma be splicing still images with animation, for example, the zombies don't move fluidly like the four bitches, they just kind of slide around, and will probably be animated on key frames alone, (in the fight scene, like when he falls) just to get that jittery feel.

And each of them will have their own 'theme,' music. I'm still deciding on what noise the zombies should make though. HRM.

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  1. That's one goddamn beautiful animatic ya got there =D